Creating A Personal Development Plan

If you imagine what would happen if you went travelling with virtually no planning, you might be able to see why a personal development plan is such a good idea. While the idea of making spontaneous decisions on your journey sounds exciting, the reality is often very different, with a lot of wasted time and frustration along the way.

This principle applies to your life in general – it’s hard to enjoy yourself if you’re always having to do last minute planning and have no idea of the direction in which you want to head. When you don’t have a clear plan for where you want to end up, it’s all too easy to look back and wonder where you want wrong. You can avoid this problem by making a personal development plan.

What Is A Personal Development Plan?

A personal development plan is a guideline that reminds you of where you want to go and what you want to achieve in your life. It will give you greater control over your future and help you to make much better decisions. Preparing adequately makes it much more likely your life will head in the direction you want it to.

How Do You Make A Personal Development Plan?

Knowing where to begin to draw up a personal development plan can prove to be problematic, however it needn’t be an insurmountable barrier. Although it may seem like an enormous task, the key is to break it down into manageable chunks.

First, define the things that are most important – what do you need to achieve? Which strengths do you have already that can help you to achieve those goals? Which skills do you need to develop and improve?

Of course you won’t be able to accomplish everything in one go, so break it down into mini steps and come up with a deadline for completing each one so that you can see measurable progress over time towards your ultimate goal.

Creating Your Goals

Let’s take an example: Say your ultimate goal is to become a teacher, but it feels impossible because you don’t have the qualifications that are required, instead of giving up before you’ve even started you can look at the small steps that you can make to get to that end result.

Step one could be to research colleges in your local area that will let you take the numeracy and literacy exams you need to be accepted onto a training course. Step two could be to contact schools and ask for some work experience.

Step three could be to enrol on the exam courses and get those essential qualifications so that you can move onto step four – looking into universities and colleges which offer teacher training, and then step five – applying to those courses.

You can see that this is a lengthy and drawn out process, however it follows a logical pattern, and moving through each stage, one at a time, will take you one step further to achieving your final goal.

Defining those milestones towards your desired result and documenting your progress through them is much easier when you use PDP. Take a look at this infographic below:

Creating A Personal Development Plan

With our user-friendly personal development plan, you can easily set yourself achievable goals, get the mentoring support you need to succeed, and use our reporting function so you can see exactly where on life’s journey you are at any given time, motivating you to stick to your plan as you see how much you have already achieved.