How to Set Personal Goals That You Will Achieve

Has life had you feeling like you at the end of your wits or very much overwhelmed? Or maybe you just don’t have the motivation to wake up and go about your ordinary day as it feels all a tad boring and meaningless? If you want to shake things up in your life, it’s important to live out your dreams and set achievable goals so as to achieve those dreams. Life choices are based on your personal goals. A sense of failure or lack of motivation stems from deviating from the set goals. Not only is it important to have goals, but to set well defined goals to avoid procrastination and eventually failure. Below we shall uncover ways to set realistic, well defined goals to help you live a life according to your dreams.

Make Time to Think

Giving yourself some ‘me time’ will help to clear your mind and set the goals that are in tandem with the life that your desire. So go ahead and minimise the distractions in your life by getting off your phone, turning off your computer, going on a meditation retreat or vacationing in a tranquil island. Once you have cut out the noise, jot down your dreams on a piece of paper and remember to dream big. Research shows that you are more likely to achieve your goals once you write them down. According to a recent study on achievement in the workplace, 70% of participants who wrote and sent weekly updates on their goals to their friends reported getting them done, while only 35% of the participants that had not written down their specific goals managed to get them done.

Be Specific

The more specific a goal is, the higher the chances are of achieving it. A vague goal may not be actionable. For instance instead of saying you want to pass all your exams, a more specific goal would be you would like to study for three hours every day. This is more concrete and easier to keep track of. It’s very easy to fall into the postponement trap when your goals are open ended and vague with no deadline in sight.


Goals can be overwhelming, especially if you want to achieve all of them at once, which is almost impossible. While it’s important to keep your eye on the ultimate goal, it’s more effective to focus on small intermediate tasks that will help you achieve the end goal. Achieving small goals everyday is more motivating that trying to do everything all at once. Moreover having one goal enables more self control than trying to juggle different goals at the same time. Having too many tasks often feels overwhelming and makes us fearful of making the wrong choice and so we end up doing nothing.

Set Deadlines

Setting deadlines allows you to be disciplined towards achieving your goals. Have a timeline for achieving your dreams perhaps it’s getting a new job within the next 6 months or shedding off ten pounds within three months. You may find that having a deadline helps you to stay focused and disciplined.