Setting up goals within your personal development plan

PDP is short, clearly written plan that shows how person can develop his or her skills and progress.

The PDP is usually based on development goals for the next 12 months instead of short-term accomplishments. Objectives must not always be directly linked to specific tasks. A PDP objective may be to improve language skills, for example. You will benefit from a more accomplished plan, as your motivation and self-esteem have increased through the PDP.

Setting up plan goals

Think about your strengths and weaknesses in relation to the plan you have in mind. What would better serve the outcome of the plan and what goals can you attach to it. For instance, if your plan is to prepare for promotion in your workplace. Your goals may include getting qualifications and training that is favourable for the position you wish to be promoted into.

Think of the following when putting together the goals within your plan

  • What do you want to do in this plan?
  • What interests or skills do you want to develop?
  • Are there are any new or improved skills?
  • How do you like learning?

Achieving Goals

Achieving your personal development plan is all about keeping on track with the goals within it. Organise regular reviews of the plan with your mentor. A normal plan last twelve months, therefor a review every quarter is most appropriate. Look at any issues within the plan, such as things blocking you achieve those goals and work to remove these impediments. Amend any goals in scope of direction as the requirement to succeed your plan develops.