A personal development plan is an action plan for your life. It takes into consideration your own personality and values, as well as your goals for your education, career, relationships, physical and/or mental health or self-improvement generally.

Whether you are creating a PDP for yourself as a person or for your business, the process and the results are the same. The goal is to make you more self-directed, more independent, and more able to achieve what you want with your life.

Goal Setting

The key to achieving your goals is defining them. Getting them down so you can develop realistic plans and strategies, achievable (but ambitious) timescales, and then acting on them.

PDP.uk helps by breaking down larger goals into smaller, achievable steps. Furthermore, it uses graphs, reports and other visualisations to display your progress clearly, keeping you motivated.


You can achieve your goals, but few of us could do it alone.

With PDP.uk you can setup relationships with other users and mentors to work through goals together. Mentors can track the progress you are making with your goals and provide guidance and motivation.


Nothing helps keep you motivated like a clear depiction of your journey, and the momentum for changes you’ve already built up. PDP.uk can generate a wide variety of reports which can be displayed both visually and in hard numbers. You can download these reports in Excel/PDP format for your own use, or to share with others.